Yesterday night

By Mrs Pélissier

Ask questions

1. Yesterday night I arrived somewhere.

    Who did you arrive ?

    Where do you arrive ?

    Where did you arrive ?

2. I arrived in Brighton and I saw someone.

    Who do you see ?

    Who did you see ?

    What did you see ?

3. I saw my girlfriend and I fought with someone.

    Who did you fight with ?

    Who are you fighting with ?

    What did you fight with ?

4. I fought with a boy and I drank something.

    What are you drinking ?

    what do you drink ?

    What did you drink ?

5. I drank a cup of tea and I ate something.

    What did you eat ?

    What do you eat ?

    Where did you eat ?

6. I ate a hamburger and I bought something.

    What are you buying ?

    What did you buy ?

    What do you buy ?

7. I bought some flowers and I gave them to someone.

    What did you give ?

    Who did you give them to ?

    Who are you going to give them to ?

8. I gave them to my mother and she did something.

    What did she do ?

    What does she do ?

    What is she doing ?

9. She kissed me and I looked like someone.

    What did you look like ?

    Who do you look like ?

    Who did you look like ?

10. i looked like a baby and I went somewhere.

    Where did you go ?

    Where are you going ?

    Who did you go with ?

11. I went to bed and ...

    I woke up

    I dreamt

    I slept