Rectangle: 1.	Read and memorise.
2.	Click on Sima to do the exercise.





SHOP ASSISTANT : Good morning. Can I help you ?


CUSTOMER : Yes, please. Can I have some biscuits ?


SHOP ASSISTANT : Certainly, here you are.


CUSTOMER : I’d like some bananas, please.


SHOP ASSISTANT : Sorry, I haven’t got any. Have some apples instead.


CUSTOMER : All  right. Now, have you got any cheese ?


SHOP ASSISTANT : Yes, I’ve got some nice cheddar.


CUSTOMER : Are there any fresh carrots ?


SHOP ASSISTANT : No, sorry, there aren’t any.


             What about some courgettes instead.


CUSTOMER : Yes, that’s a good idea.


SHOP ASSISTANT : Anything else ?


CUSTOMER : No, thanks. How much is it, please ?




CUSTOMER : Here ‘s £4.


SHOP ASSISTANT : Thanks, and here’s 55p change.


CUSTOMER : Thank you. Good bye.


SHOP ASSISTANT : Bye ! Have a nice day !