A wild tiger Mike
Wild tigers like white mice
A black cat Jack

That black cat catches fat rats

A funny duck Justin Funny ducks love buns for lunch
A good bull Brooke Good bulls look good fun
A hot dog Bob That hot dog robbed a sausage in a shop
A purple bird Kirk My flirt hurt a purple bird with a smirk.
A blue kangaroo Bruce Do blue kangaroos chew their food ?
A small horse Paul Laura and Paul saw a small horse
A brown cow Howard A brown cow and a mouse in a house
An old goat Joan Those old goats don’t like cold coke.
My phoney pony phoned me at home.
A big pig Kim

This big pig drinks milk for dinner
Tim lives in a pretty cottage in a busy village.

A red hen Jeff Red hens lay red eggs in red nests
An American gorilla Helen An American gorilla eating bananas for breakfast
A green seal Steve These green seals eat cheese for dinner
A dark shark Bart Dark sharks can’t bark
A fearful deer Maria Here is a weird and fearful deer with small ears.
Ian appeared at the pier with a beer.
A grey snake James I hate crazy grey snakes in cages
A scary bear Claire There's a scary bear with white hair
  Troy What a joy for this boy to enjoy his toys in the town of Troy !
I enjoyed "Troy" with a nice boy. What a joy!

De part et d'autre du symbole représentant le son figurent les animaux de "Surf in English 6ème Editions Bordas" et des prénoms trouvés par mes collègues Emmanuelle Antich et Anne Bénaiche. J'ai inventé les phrases avec l'aide de Linda Terrier, Emmanuelle et Anne.