( it's me when I was a baby !
I was cute,
wasn't I ?)

Read carefully then do the 4 exercises.
(Lisez le texte,
en vous aidant de l'aide vocabulaire puis faites les 4 exercices qui suivent.)

Who am I ?

My name is Sima, I am a wire-haired fox terrier, like Snowy (you know him I'm sure, he's Tintin's dog). I was born on October 10 2001.

I was given to my "human" parents as a Christmas present in 2001. They were very surprised but they could not resist me because I was so cute and well-behaved !

I am sometimes obedient, often stubborn but clever (remember I am a fox terrier !), always happy, playful and friendly with humans, never vicious or ferocious.

Now, let's see if you know fox-terriers well.

  • EX 1 : Vocabulaire à mémoriser (adjectifs pouvant qualifier un chien)
  • EX 2 : Vocabulaire (faire correspondre les adjectifs anglais et leurs équivalents français)
  • EX 3 : Qualifier Sima
  • EX 4 : Mots croisés avec ces adjectifs


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